Influencing Healthcare work-Life Balance

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"We need a new approach to work/life integration."


What if we were to make work transformationally better? What then would happen to work/life integration?  Most approach this from the perspective that you need to do better with self care; ignoring the limitations that work imposes. We believe that by making work better, work/life integration improves.


Repeatedly in organizations and communities alike we have witnessed a disconnect between those in power and those doing the work of the organization or members of a community affected by decisions of the powerful. Influencing Healthcare can help give you voice and engage stakeholders so that informed decisions leveraging diversity help to lead sustainable, wise action. These things together help to create a balanced workforce.  We can bring these events or trainings to your organization or community. 

"Starting with Open Access, Electronic Medical Record and then LEAN process, my job had taken over my life and the satisfaction was gone... I approached the coaching sessions with an open mind and Influencing Healthcare was easy to learn from because they walk the walk and talk the talk... I haven't worked on a chart at home for over 2 weeks and I feel rejuvenated and energized to manage my day so I am more effective and satisfied."


--Influencing Healthcare Client