Influencing Healthcare is an organization dedicated to improving communications in Healthcare with the goal of building collaborative medical cultures. We can help providers connect with their patients and partner with them for improved health. We build teams of providers that can make decisions to which they are committed and for which they are accountable. We help providers build capacity in others, enhance collaborative skills and become the leaders that will influence the future of healthcare.


Dawn M. Ellison, MD, FAAEM, CPC

Dawn M. Ellison, MD, CPC

Founder & President, Coach, Corporate Adviser

Dawn Ellison MD, CPC draws from her 20 years of Emergency Medicine practice leading teams in critical situations and finessing outstanding care for patients in a complex medical climate to help healthcare providers and executives lead thoughtfully, transparently and deliberately. As a former medical director herself, she is familiar with the tensions held as a nimble leader. Dawn served as a Crucial Conversations instructor with Mayo Health Systems and holds a CPC certificate from the College of Executive Coaching .  She spent her 2006-2007 Bush Medical Fellowship learning to build collaborative medical cultures.


Dawn is the president and founder of Influencing Healthcare, LLC (IHC), a successful consulting business which coaches emerging leaders, and providers that are struggling with work-life balance, a quickly changing healthcare climate, communication and team work in the workplace.  IHC also partners with community members and health and wellness professionals to connect stakeholders who want optimal health outcomes.

These thoughtfully designed gatherings result in innovations leading to optimal health for individuals, healthcare organizations and communities.


Dawn and her colleagues at IHC  are dedicated to improving communications and leadership with the goal of building healthy collaborations. They help providers connect with their patients and partner with them for improved health. They build teams of workers that can make decisions to which they are committed and for which they are accountable. They help providers build capacity in others, enhance collaborative skills and become the leaders that will influence the future. As an Art of Hosting Practitioner, Dawn connects community members , health and wellness professionals; improving the resilience, health and well-being of communities. On April 10, 2012 Dawn and her colleagues gathered 140+ healthcare innovators in MN and asked them, “What can we start today that will lead to optimal health and wellness for all Minnesotans”. Despite that they were competitors for the CMS healthcare innovation grant money, they had collaborative outcomes that are advancing health in Minnesota today.


I contacted Influencing Healthcare for individual coaching to assist me in defining professional goals as I approached promotion to professor.  I found Dr. Ellison to be an extremely talented and intelligent coach with unique insights into the complex leadership required in healthcare and the ability to draw out the best in me.  Through a defined program, we established career steps necessary for advancement in an academic setting.  She successfully guided me through promotion and at the same time enhanced leadership abilities.  Dr. Ellison was instrumental in advancing my personal and professional development at a critical time in my career. 



    Professor of Surgery - U of MN

    Chief, Cardiothoracic Surgery -

    Minneapolis VA Medical Center

Liz Ferron, LISCW

Liz Ferron, LISCW

Behavioral Health Consultant, Trainer, Teacher​

Liz Ferron, LICSW, possesses a rich background of behavioral health consultation in the workplace, with an emphasis in the healthcare industry.    She is an experienced trainer, educator and coach in the areas of change management, stress reduction and conflict resolution.   For over 25 years, Liz has coached others to strengthen their effectiveness and relationships at work by developing greater self awareness, communication skills, and resiliency. 


Liz has presented at the annual EAPA (Employee Assistance Professional Association) national conference, the annual IHI (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) national forum, and at  HHRAM (Healthcare Human Resources Association of Minnesota) state conferences. 


A leader in her industry, Liz has served three terms as President of MEAPAC (Minnesota Employee Assistance Program Administrators and Counselors).

"I have worked with Liz on many occasions over the past 10 years.  Liz is always very professional, knowledgeable, and engaging, and is extremely adept in helping organizations understand what the problems are and what needs to be done to improve both individual and organizational behaviors."


Alan H. Rosenstein MD MBA

Paula Forbes, Esq.

Paula Forbes, esq.

CEO Forbes Solutions PLLC., Team Performance Coach, Facilitator

Paula Forbes is the Founder and CEO of Forbes Solutions LLC., a law firm offering employ­ee development consulting and legal services to employers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Paula has over 25 years of legal experience and exper­tise in problem solving and consensus building. Prior to establishing Forbes Solutions PLLC., Paula held leadership positions in private, public and not-for-profit organizations practicing in the areas of EEO, HR com­pliance, labor, government affairs and most notably education law. Paula is the former General Counsel of the Minneapolis Public Schools in Minnesota and a co-designer of a Minnesota Charter School. In addition, Paula is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota teaching Education and the Law at the graduate level.


Paula provides individual and team performance development and coaching. She works directly with leaders to build participatory and inclusive work­place environments. Paula is a skilled facilitator, trainer and loves helping organizations design effective and creative workshops, planning sessions or to host a conversation that gets at the heart of what matters.

Paul Ellison, MEd, PsyD

Consultant, Athletic Coach, Educator and Narrative Therapist

Paul is a postdoctoral clinician with specialized training in Narrative and Solution Focused Therapy.  He has extensive experience working with individuals, small groups and large group support systems.  In his clinical practice, Paul treats clients with anxiety disorders, emotional and behavioral issues as well as assist those with work and family relationship concerns.  He has a broad background and specific expertise in administering assessments. Over the last 30 years, Paul has coached a variety of sports and has helped support the success of state champion, all American and professional athletes.  He believes in working together with clients to find unique solutions that fit their needs.

Paul Ellison, MEd, PsyD

Teresa Ray, MEd, CPC

Teresa Ray, MEd, CPC

Consultant, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Adjunct Professor

Teresa served as Associate Director

of Executive Education in the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. Leveraging her 17+ years of leadership and team building experience she has provided coaching and consultation to a wide range of individuals and organizations, across various industries. Teresa’s experience includes both public and privately held Corporations as well

as in State and Federal Government organizations. Teresa also serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Arkansas facilitating courses such as “Applied Theory and Principles of Group Dynamics”,“Leadership” and “Visionary Leadership”.


The majority of Teresa’s clients are developing and maximizing their leadership capabilities and emotional/social intelligence skills. These clients are learning new approaches to creating positive organizational climates while leading, managing and supervising individuals and high performance teams

as well as practicing effective communication, change management and conflict resolution techniques.


Serving as a leader in several organizations herself, she is an advocate for emotionally intelligent leaders who build energizing work climates and strive for effective communication and motivation. Due to her work in both internal and external organizational contexts, Teresa knows how to support individuals to reach and exceed individual and organizational goals. Teresa did post-graduate work through the College of Executive Coaching in Santa Barbara, CA and holds a Masters in Education with a concentration in Adult Education and Human Resource Development from the University of Arkansas.

"Teresa’s strengths are the tenacity and vigor she employs to tackle the toughest challenges in partnership with her clients. Her thoughtful, holistic, yet focused approach to problem solving for helping clients in dealing with organizational challenges and executive coaching is unequaled in my experience."


-- Cheryl Hurst,

    Office of Communications, NASA