Influencing Healthcare Team Workshops

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"We want to strengthen our team."


Team Workshops are geared toward improving communications and building other team competencies. A team with mutual purpose, built on trust and respect, results in team satisfaction, improved patient safety and a cohesive, effective workgroup.



Crucial Conversations is a New York Times 2002 best seller. I encourage reading of this book to all my coaching clients and have developed a 3 hour workshop for groups who want to reinforce their learning of these skills. There is excellent classroom and virtual training through Vital Smarts for a deeper plunge.



This workshop is based on Covey’s, “The Speed of Trust”. Your team will learn how trust can be earned in everyday interactions with your team. They will work together to commit to ways that they will keep each other accountable to trust building in your organization.



This is a productive workshop which will take you step by step through how to change critical behaviors in individuals and your organization. Based on the theories discussed in, “Switch”, by Chip and Dan Heath; we will together discover the steps to take which have the best chance of making change possible.