Influencing ehalthcare Team Facilitation

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Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations
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"I'm ready to find another team."


Are you getting complaints from staff about care providers? Don’t give up yet. Recruitment (and relocating) is expensive and unless you change the dynamics of the remaining team members, it will be very difficult and expensive to recruit. These are all reasonable, rational, decent human beings.


We will start with identifying coaching clients and work on building the trust and crucial conversations skills of your team with workshops.



Are there conversations in your team that need to happen, but haven’t?  In consultation with you, your team and if necessary, your HR department, we can identify those conversations and facilitate the process. This service may be used in small teams with difficult issues or larger teams in which you wish to deepen conversations.  These are especially useful services in times of change.  Let us help you host conversations that matter using our well honed facilitation skills.



"Your skilled facilitation of our discussion would have been enough to ask for, but in addition you gave us such meaningful teaching on ideas that were of equal value as the chance to gather and connect with colleagues.  The Circle Practice concept resonated – it worked, it felt different than our usual way of coming together as a group, and it has the potential to reshape the way we meet and relate as a group in our day-to-day wok life."


-- Kim Olson, Minneapolis