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Influencer. The power to change everything.

In my search for material that will help me coach emerging physician leaders, I don’t often find a book like “Influencer”. Most of the books I’ve read, read like many other’s only from a slightly different perspective or they tell you a small part of what you need and leave out other important aspects of leadership. Influencer is a comprehensive, well researched, new approach to how to effect change.

Vital Smarts, the company that published the New York Times best seller, “Crucial Conversations, How to talk when stakes are high”; have written a “hands on”, useful tool for influencing behavior. Whether it is your own lifestyle habits you want to change or those of a group of physicians, “Influencer” will help you come up with innovative ways to effect change.

Throughout healthcare in the United States, efforts are being made to improve quality of care. The outcomes are well defined, but seldom are the vital behaviors necessary to obtain these outcomes understood. This is a crucial step that is missing for leaders in healthcare to tackle. Influencer describes how to find these behaviors and assure that they will be more likely to occur than the undesirable behaviors.

Learn how to influence quality in your organization while reading the fascinating stories of influence found in the painful experience of eradication of Guinea worms and Dr Silbert’s transformation of ex-cons in San Francisco.

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