By Dawn Ellison, MD, FAAEM, CPC


The benefits of coaching are multi-factorial and will be different for each provider. It is likely that many of the providers will focus on performance improvements such as productivity, integrating their practice with others, peer relations, patient communications and patient safety. (See the Testimonials for personal stories of professional development.) All of these can result in a big bottom-line boost for the organization.


A 10% increase of productivity of a general surgeon working at the 50th percentile is estimated to be worth $56,000(AGMA 2014). A 10% increase in productivity of a Family Practitioner working at 20% would be $32,000.  One of the biggest benefits will be the retention of providers. Estimated cost of recruiting a primary physician is twice their yearly compensation. The mean cost of replacing a family practice doctor in the northern region (AMGA 2014) is $486,000.

Influencing Healthcare Individual Coaching