Influencing Healthcare Performance Coaching

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"We need to improve performance."


Do you want to improve your own performance at work? Are you looking for help for a colleague? Do you want more satisfaction from your work? Are you an emerging leader? Are there behaviors you need to change and perceptions you need to manage?



Performance coaching can be described as a series of guided conversations that enable the “coachee” to discover and implement personal solutions to challenging issues or areas of performance. These solutions, because they are intrinsic to the “coachee,” are more likely to succeed and endure than solutions imposed externally.



Download our performance review worksheet now to help you prepare to coach your team members during the review process.

"Influencing Healthcare was a great source for support and encouragement. There was no doubt they wanted me to succeed in meeting my goals and their support was evident throughout our coaching sessions.  I am continuing to use those tools in my daily life, both personal and professionally. I feel much better about both aspects of my life."


-- Charles Kucera, MD