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Influencing Healthcare Crucial Conversations
Influencing Healthcare Individual Coaching
"I want to take my career further."



Our style of coaching utilizes assessments, asking the right questions, listening carefully to what the client tells us, identifying their resources (experiences and qualities), helping them overcome blocks to success, helping them develop a high degree of self-care, helping them identify their personal standards and assisting them in clarifying their goals. We use a step-by-step strategy and we will help them to continually evaluate their progress.

"Influencing Healthcare's  insight into drivers of behavior is superb. She is able to separate facts from perceptions with an uncanny ease.Dr Ellison has the ability to empathize, but is not afraid to ask the tough questions. She helped me find answers to my questions and problems in a methodical manner.

She taught me to view things from a completely different dimension. Dr Ellison is extremely professional and willing to work around one's schedule."


-- Seema Maddali, MD