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"We are experiencing patient/staff complaints."


Health care providers that have had a complaint or several complaints, often go through a crisis of dignity. They may be angry on the outside that other’s are criticizing them, but often they feel deeply wounded.



A comprehensive approach may include key stakeholder interviews to assess the perceptions of those around the client. Individual coaching of the target client may be sufficient, however individual coaching of others involved may be also necessary.  With help from a coach outside their organization, whom they can trust to support them, they can learn to build the working relationships that help them do the excellent patient care to which they are committed.


Our style of coaching utilizes assessments, asking the right questions, listening carefully to what the client tells us, identifying their resources (experiences and qualities), helping them overcome blocks to success, helping them develop a high degree of self-care, helping them identify their personal standards and assisting them in clarifying their goals. We use a step-by-step strategy and we will help them to continually evaluate their progress.



"Dawn has had significant impact on my clinical practice.  Although patients have always been the primary focus of my practice, I realized that at times when I thought I was advocating for them, I allowed my interactions to get in the way of their care.  I now look for ways to enhance my communication with colleagues to better my patients lives.  Although this sounds simple, Dawn was the key to making this happen."



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