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"We want to tap into the collective wisdom."



Group coaching taps the inspiration and encouragement of others with similar challenges. We are familiar with how to help you make the changes you know you need to make and the group can help to keep you accountable to those changes. Caretakers need first to care for themselves; then, caring for each other, they can find a way to best care for patients together.


Clients group themselves based on interest and a natural bond forms because of similarities. Modules are chosen and guide the facilitated conversations as we all learn together how to manage various challenges at work or in the community. An example of cohort coaching would be young providers who are new to a community and wanting to grow their practice. We might discuss work/life balance, how to get involved in the community as well as the organization. How to sort out what activities you want to get involved with, and what don’t align with your values. How to find a mentor and decide what you want to learn from them. How to advocate for yourself in a way that respects the work that others have done before you. Perhaps you are a 60 something looking to make a transition; or an emerging leader anxious to make a difference. Offerings of these themed group coaching opportunities are offered through Influencing Healthcare and you can sign up for them now!