Influencing Healthcare Forming New Team

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"We're forming a new team."


Would you like to start off with the expectation of transparency, trust and direct communication? Wondering how to recognize the capabilities of a diverse team? Do you have any idea what the individuals on the team care about? Do you want to create a team that works well together, learns well together and relates well?


There are a few key workshops (ex: Crucial Conversations, trust and MBTI) that are helpful to build an understanding of open, transparent ways of working with each other that I recommend for new teams. In addition, training in participative processes of decision making while having key conversations about how you want to work together, and discovering your interests and strengths; goes along way to building a cohesive team.

"The Community of Practice diagram was enlightening, particularly the idea that where relationships intersect with work lies sustainability.  There are no larger institutional supports or structures for developing relationships at work like there are for billing, coding, documenting, teaching, researching, administrating.   Time and space for relationships at work will only be made through our own intentional efforts, so thank you for calling our attention to it.


-- Kim Olson,

    Minneapolis VAMC