Influencing Healthcare Community Engagement

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Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations

"We need community engagement."


How could your community be better than it already is? Do you need a revitalized city core? More green transportation? An infusion of art? A more sustainable economy? Cleaner River? Healthier community members? A more welcoming neighborhood? Student centered education? Celebration of diversity?


Influencing Healthcare uses participatory tools and methods to work with your core team  to invite, design and host community events. We assist you in discovering the need and purpose for the event, who should be invited, the inspiring question that will bring people together, the ways to make the meeting more creative and powerful, how you will make meaning from what happens and what will keep bringing people back together to do the work.

We will help you ask the questions that will engage the community members in conversations that they will find meaningful in order to solve the problems they see as important. By inviting the people in the community that are stakeholders in the issues from all walks of life, the conversations will be rich with diversity which can be leveraged for wiser action. We use methods that encourage challenging, respectful conversation while evoking creativity and awareness of others to tackle the stubborn, complex issues of our time.

"Influencing Healthcare works seamlessly as a team, playing on one another’s strengths. Together, they hold the perfect balance of theory and action. Utilizing the many tools of the Art of Hosting, they have tailorred each meeting’s activities to the task at hand. I am very grateful for their work with our School District, and would recommend their services for any organization working to address controversial or ground- breaking topics."


-- Jennifer Cherry, PhD

    Title IX/Equity Coordinator