Influencing Healthcare Change Is Hard

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"Change is hard."


For an individual we recommend coaching with an emphasis on attaining changes in behavior that you want. We know how to walk you through the process to make it easier for you to change and will help you create an environment to maintain that change.


Organizational/community change is complex and will require identification of influencers in the organization/community. With a core group, representative of the diversity in the organization or community we can guide you through planning what change is needed in your org/comm. Inviting those who will be affected by the change is important. “If it is about us, don’t do it without us.” Together, supported by leadership, organizations and communities use skills and methods of participatory leadership in which decisions made are a result of leveraging diversity and the collective intelligence of the people. Change that is a result of a diversity of voices is change in which members of communities and organizations will want to engage. We will help you to plan events to engage your community members in these changes.