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Influencing Healthcare Community Engagement
Crucial Conversations
Influencing Healthcare Spring Conference 2015

Crucial Conversations

"We need to engage our community."

The Affordable Care Act…


ACA requires that nonprofit hospitals promote health in the community. In order to make a significant difference in the health of the community, the hospitals will need to engage many members of the community who impact health such as: librarians, restaurant owners, city council members, educators, community connectors, grocers, disenfranchised members of the community, integrated health practitioners, recreation facility operators and many other community members. Surveys are limited by the imagination of the writers where as facilitated conversation are rich in cultural information.


With the guidance of a core team of dedicated changemakers representative of the culture of the community we can assist you in planning and implementing a series of events which will inform the changes necessary to create healthier communities.


We can also train you to bring these conversations to your community. Contact Us!

"Influencing Healthcare became a transformational leader in our efforts to maximize triple aim innovation in a new era driven by the Affordable Care Act.  We were gathering 140 healthcare innovators from across the state, and they assisted us in developing the purpose of the events and skillfully hosted all four.  The participants were 140 innovators who chose from among 20 critical conversations in which they wanted to participate.  New relationships and collaborations were formed.


-- Sheila Riggs, DDS, DMSc

    Director - Office of

    Community Engagement for

    Health at the Clinical

    Transtional Science Institute